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Vaccinations Programme for 12 to 15 years old

Important Details

 You have been sent copies of the information for the forthcoming vaccination programme in school by email.  You will also receive a paper copy of the consent form to complete which will need to be returned immediately to the school reception.

If you have any concerns and want  to talk through any issues relating to the vaccine then the school should direct any enquiries to their relevant School-Aged Immunisations Service (SAIS) Provider: 

The contacts for Hillingdon are: 

Helen Davis - helendavis1@nhs.net

Pat Stephens - patriciastephens@nhs.net

0203 317 5076

Further details about the vaccination programme can be found below:

Please note:

  • Children who have had a positive COVID test within 28 days of the team attending will not be able to be vaccinated - there must be a 28-day delay between being positive and being vaccinated. The NHS has raised that from some schools (in other Boroughs) they had some children who appeared unwell, with symptoms of COVID, presenting for vaccinations on the day. Where this is the case, they will not vaccinate these children
  • We have been informed by the NHS that children who have had any other vaccination within 7 days will not be able to be vaccinated. Please inform us if your provisional date coincides with any other vaccinations within that time frame 
  • Your child has to be 12 years old on the day of the vaccination