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Extra Curricular Activities


Northwood Citizens (Room 4)
(time of club tbc)

Choir at lunch (Room 5)

Grease rehearsal at lunch for dancers only

Football  (All Years) Mr Saba (Astro)

Badminton (All Years) Mr Beer (Sports Hall)


Sixth Form Sports  - Ms Lovitt & Mr Saba (Sports Hall)

Student Council

Debate Mate Club (Room 43);
Mr Abrahams & Mr Kelly - to start in November; date tbc

Language Leaders - Lunchtime Y10 and Y9 (Room 34) Ms Barbosa

Grease rehearsal at lunch for musicians (Room 5)

Dance Club at lunch in the studio

Chess Club in (Room 18)

Football  (All Years) Ms Foskett (Astro)

Boys Basketball (All years) - Ms Giles (Sports Hall)

Performance Poetry Club (PPC)- (Room 41) Ms Elliott


Creative Graphics  (Room 27) Ms Chigg/ Mr Gupta

Science Club - (Room 25) Ms Soodin/

Ms Dey

Acoustic Club in (Room 5 music)

Grease rehearsal 3-4.30 in the main hall (see schedule on PA display)

Engineering Club  - F1 in Schools - Year 9-11 (Room 6) 

Patio Gardening Club 2.50 - 3.30 1st and 3rd week of every month starting 18th Sept  ( All Year groups welcome. Mrs Underwood)

Girls Basketball (Yrs 7&8) 
Ms Giles (Sports Hall)

Tennis  (All Years)  Ms Lovitt  (MUGA)

Geography Film Club - Miss Glynn/ Mr Till/ Mrs Jones (Room 46)

GCSE dancers Year 10 at lunch in the studio

Drum Club (Room 5)

Chess Club (Room 18.)

Football  (All Years) Mr Saba (Astro) 

Sports Leaders (All Years) 
Mr Hunte (Sports Hall)


Stonewall Champions (W2 only) [Room 45] Ms Wilkins/Ms Hamblyn

Film Club (15+) Room 49 (Oct onwards) Miss Hook and Mrs Fresko-Brown

Food/Textiles Club  (Room 9/10)

Year 7 & 8 Handball -  Mr Hunte (Sports Hall) 

Squad Netball  (All Years) Ms Giles (MUGA) 

Portuguese Club-Lunchtime All Year groups - Ms Barbosa (Room 34) 

GCSE dancers Year 9 at lunch in the studio

Keyboard Club in (Room 5) music

Football (All Years)  Mr Beer (Astro) 

Girls Basketball (All Years) Ms Giles (Sports Hall)

Dance masterclass from 3-4 in the studio. Commercial dance. (externally led. Speak to Miss O’Hara for a letter, to be paid via parent pay)

Art Club - 3D Lettering - Mrs Healy (Room 53)

Handball (Yrs 9&10) - Mr Hunte (Sports Hall)

Year 7 & 8 Boys Football -
Mr Pennington (Astro)

KS4 & 5 Classics Book Club - Ms Singer / sixth form (once per half term)

BBC School Report Club (Room 6) starting in early October - Ms Martin

Chamber group music (Room 5)

Chess Club  (Room 18)

Football (All Years)  Mr Saba (Astro)

Girls Football (All Years)  Ms Foskett (Sports Hall)

Interact Club - All Year groups (Room 19) Ms Perry

Northwood Ballet school- Dance Studio. (External provider)

Ballet Technique 5.15-6.10 . (External provider)

Modern Dance 6.20-7.10 . (External provider)

Contemporary 7.10 . (External provider)

Warhammer Club - Age of Sigmar  3.00-5.00 (Room 48) Mr Till

Gymnastics Club - NGC & Ms Foskett (Sports Hall) 

Year 9 & 10 Boys Football -
Mr Creasey (Astro) 

Boys Rugby (Yrs 7&8) Mr Saba (MUGA)