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Our mission is to be a happy, successful school where every individual is enabled to fulfil their potential. We will promote the highest academic standards, a love of learning, excellent enrichment opportunities, good citizenship and the consideration of others. Students will leave us as well-qualified, emotionally intelligent, broad-minded, capable young adults ready to take their place in society.

Northwood School - We will:
1. Provide a secure, safe and welcoming environment;
2. Care for each student’s well being;
3. Provide high quality teaching to enable each student to make progress;
4. Ensure that homework is set, marked and monitored regularly;
5. Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and provide a wide range of extra curricular activities;
6. Report regularly to parents and provide opportunities to discuss students’ progress;
7. Provide information and guidance about careers and higher education;
8. Contact parent(s)/carer(s) if there are concerns about attendance, punctuality, behaviour or progress;
9. Respond sensitively and promptly to any concern raised by a parent/carer or student;
10. Promote the following key learning qualities: resilience, engagement, cooperation, independence, pride and enthusiasm for learning.

The Student – I agree to:

1. Do my best to be a good learner by aiming to be resilient and engaged, to become independent in my learning, to cooperate with others, to take pride in my work and to approach my learning with enthusiasm, so I can reach my full potential. 
2. Show respect for all members of the Northwood School community, visitors, neighbours and members of the public, by being courteous and considerate at all times;
3. Obey Northwood School Rules & Classroom Behaviour Plans in order to work to the best of my ability and allow others to do the same;
4. Attend all lessons punctually and to be in school by 8.30 am each day;
5. Wear my complete Northwood uniform correctly and with pride, and to bring all my learning equipment to school each day;
6. Complete all homework set on time and to the best of my ability;
7. Ensure that my parents/carers receive all letters and information passed to me about Parents’ Evenings and meetings about my progress at school;
8. Avoid all absences from school except for reasons of genuine illness, or a good reason that has been approved in advance by the Principal. On return I will bring a letter explaining the reasons for my absence to be given to my form tutor and I will catch up with any work missed;
9. Respect school property and the school environment, including ICT equipment;
10. Attend school detentions if set.

The Parent(s) / Carer(s) - I/we agree to:
1. Support the aims of the school;
2. Ensure that my/our child attends school punctually and with minimum absence, not taking my/our child out of school during term time;
3. Ensure that my/our child is properly dressed in full school uniform which is worn correctly;
4. Provide a suitable home-working environment so that my/our child can complete all homework set to the best of his/her ability and ensure that my/our child’s planner is signed weekly.
5. Attend Parents’ Evenings and meetings about my/our child’s progress or behaviour;
6. Advise the school of any concerns which might affect my/our child’s progress or behaviour;
7. Inform the school of any change in address, contact numbers, or parent/carer circumstances which might affect my/our child’s progress or behaviour;
8. Telephone the school on the first day of absence by 9.30am and send a note giving a clear
explanation of the absence on return to school, and to ensure all missed work is completed;
9. Support the school in enforcing the rules regarding behaviour and conduct including the collection of confiscated items, e.g. mobile phones;
10. Encourage the following key learning qualities in my/our child: resilience, engagement,
cooperation, independence, pride and enthusiasm for learning.