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Extra-curricular activities

Extra curricular opportunities

We greatly value the learning our students experience through our rich extra-curricular programme.  We know that students benefit enormously and enjoy the valuable learning that takes place outside the classroom. At Northwood, there is a full range of activities on offer and we aim to provide something to appeal to every pupil.

There are a number of school visits, each of which has a different aim. Some of these are related to subjects or examination courses; others are of a social nature. Many of these are day trips but some are residential visits which add another dimension to learning by their contribution to personal and social development.  We run very successful trips overseas including an annual ski trip.

We have a number of productions and concerts each year, as well as a variety of smaller events and these occasions involve a great many pupils in a variety of capacities. There is always a strong sense of team work.  Many students enjoy additional music teaching from our team of peripatetic music teachers. Please contact us to advise of your child’s music interest.

Apart from Physical Education lessons and the many clubs listed below, there are school teams in Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Cross Country, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Soccer and Tennis. Our pupils achieve considerable success as teams and individually. We regularly reach Borough Finals and are Borough champions in a number of sports.

Please click on the link below for the latest extra curricular programme activities for students:

Extra Curricular Programme for Summer Term 2021/22 

Ofsted quote

“The extra-curricular programme is extensive and highly valued by pupils.  The programme includes sports, music, drama, debating, Russian, Portuguese and chess.”

“They willingly accept responsibility for their own leaning and progress, and constantly seek to improve, both in their lessons and in the many extra-curricular activities that they undertake."