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Year 7 Student completes a triathlon

Amelia a student in Year 7 completed a triathlon which is a fantastic achievement. Please see her account of the day below.

On Sunday 13th May 2018, I completed the Jetstream triathlon in Hatch End. The triathlon consisted of a swim, cycle and run. The swim was a total distance of 306 metres, the cycle was a total distance of 4km. Finally, the run was a tough 2.5km to finish off.

It was a pleasantly warm day and lots of people turned up for the event. The Hatch End Triathlon is a family event and children as young as 7 can take part in the challenge. Distances vary depending on age. 

It is a competitive race, however, most people enter just for fun.

I completed the triathlon in roughly 42 minutes and found it quite difficult. My swim took 7 minutes, my cycle took 20 minutes in rough, bumpy and hilly surfaces. My run took 12 minutes to complete and I was ecstatic to get over the finish line! The rest of my time was spent in the transition area. 

At the end I received a medal and a well-earned mushroom and steak burger. YUM!!!

Amelia - Year 7