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On Tuesday 22nd May, The Great Northwood Book Off Year 7 Reading Group went on a school trip to The Civic Centre in Uxbridge. The Year 7 students that went were: 

Muzhda, Nisrine and Kaneda -7R
Ciara and Miray – 7EN
Andrei, Jack, Raihaanah, Grace and Angel – 7I
Lily and Abigail – 7E

Over the course of 5 months, we had to read six books: The Nearest Faraway Place (Hayley Long), Being Miss Nobody (Tasmin Winter), Ravenmaster's Boy (Mary Hoffman), Where the World Ends (Geraldine McCaughrean), Adventures of John Blake (Philip Pullman), Running on the Roof of the World (Jess Butterworth). During our club meetings, we were set creative tasks such as designing posters, bookmarks and paintings to take with us on our trip. Kaneda and Nisrine went a step further by decorating biscuits and Nisrine baked and designed a cake with one of the book covers. 

Here is a photo of Hayley Long, Nisrine and Kaneda

On arrival we were put into workshop groups with Year 7s from other Hillingdon schools. A comedian called Mark introduced us to everything we needed to know and kept us entertained. He was very funny. The authors ran the workshops. In our workshop groups we had to create a presentation related to the book. After a short break, we performed our presentations in front the mayor and a panel of judges. The winning group (which contained Muzhda and Nisrine) were awarded certificates. After that, we questioned the authors and got signatures from them. Then, the mayor announced the Hillingdon Secondary Book of the Year which was…Being Miss Nobody by Tasmin Winter.


  Here is the winning author... 





It was a fabulous experience and it was great to meet the authors, work with other Hillingdon students and to see the Mayor. 


Thank you to Mrs Bamrah from the library for running the reading group and taking us to the trip.