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On Thursday 31st of January, students belonging to the Northwood Debate Society attended a debate competition with other schools at the London Academy in Edgware. 

Three Northwood Teams competed in two rounds. The first debate centred on whether social media is harmful to young people and our teams were allocated positions for or against. It was a real challenge for us to argue for or against a proposition with only fifteen minutes to prepare and no access to printed or electronic sources of information. Our teams received lots of positive feedback from the judges – for example on the structure of our arguments and the quality of some of our rebuttals of the other teams’ points. We were also given lots of advice on how to improve. 

The second debate was for or against the proposition that subjects such as Art and English literature should focus on modern artists (e.g. Banksy) rather than traditional figures (such as Shakespeare). There were some lively and interesting exchanges in which we learnt so much about different debate techniques and how to think quickly on your feet. 

Our teams won two of the rounds we competed in and will now have the opportunity to progress to another competition. Overall, the experience was amazing as we were able to see situations through different perspectives, meet new people and speak in front of an audience. 

A huge thank you to Mr Abrahams and Mr Kelly for taking us.

Nila – Year 10 Student