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Northwood School had the privilege to host the author and motivational speaker, Joffre White, on Tuesday 17th April 2018.  

Joffre White, who is also a UK Patron of Reading, and author of “Earthland” told the Year 9's about his varied career path having worked in recruitment, as a musician as well as an author.  He spoke about the importance of reading as a vital skill for everyone. He encouraged us to find books on subjects that you are passionate about and not to leave it too late to find books, magazines or comics on topics that interest you.  He filled us with tales from his school days, in particular how discipline differed in his time and how children had to make their own fun, without the technology we have today. A weak and reluctant reader himself, he spoke about how his father bought him a comic, which sparked his lifelong interest in reading.  He also spoke about how words can inspire people, empower them to express themselves as well as how words can hurt people. He cited some famous people who were inspired by the written word, such as Lady Gaga.

Some Year 9 students also got to participate in a workshop with Joffre White where he talked about the importance of curiosity and imagination in the creative writing process, as well as drawing from your own personal experiences. His mind-mapping technique showed us how we could come up with over 100 words in a space of 3 minutes with ideas when writing a story.

Tye - Year 9