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 At Northwood, our primary aim is to keep our students safe. 

We work closely with a range of agencies to ensure the safety of our students, including the local authority. 

  • The Hillingdon LSCB (local safeguarding children board) is committed to supporting children in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Please click here for more information for parents and carers with advice and guidance about safeguarding. Please also find the useful links page on their website.

 Operation Encompass

Northwood School is proud to work with the Metropolitan Police Service in Operation Encompass. This project will notify the school Designated Safeguarding Lead when one of our students has been involved in, or exposed to a domestic incident. 

Click here to read QED Academy Trust's Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy



Northwood School values the abilities and achievements of all its students, and is committed to providing, for each student, the best possible environment for learning and ensuring that they make progress. We aim to provide a safe, secure, happy, caring environment where all students are encouraged to participate fully.

Click here to view our SEND Policy

Northwood School SEND Information Report 

This report should be read in conjunction with the Local Offer and the SEND Policy, all of which can be read on the school website or are available on request from the school.

Click here to view our SEND Information Report


At Northwood, we have a zero tolerance to bullying.  We believe that no pupil should have to put up with bullying. Each pupil has the right to feel, and be, safe while at school. This is important for the pupil's wellbeing and also because children who feel safe learn more easily. If pupils are bullied it is not their fault and they should not feel embarrassed or guilty.

We will treat all incidents of bullying seriously and in a consistent way. We intend to educate bullies so that they stop bullying. We will definitely punish bullies if we need to in order to stop them from bullying, but in many situations we will be able to stop the bullying without punishment. Where appropriate, we will work with pupils who have been bullied to help them develop the self esteem and the skills to discourage others from bullying them.

There are a number of people students can talk to if they are worried about someone or feel unhappy in any way:

  • Form tutor
  • Head of Year
  • Teachers
  • Leadership Group

Please click here to view our Anti Bullying Policy 


 We live in a technological age, in which staying safe online is so important. But do we always know how to do that?

Whether you are a parent, or a student, there is so much to learn about how to stay safe online.

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