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Extra Curricular Activities





Mixed Football - All Years (Astro) Mr Beer
Mixed Badminton & Volleyball- All Years (Sports Hall)  Ms Giles
Drama - KS4 rehearsal time (Dance Studio/hall)
MFL Homework Club, KS3 
(Room 35) Mrs Dawson
Citizens UK - All year groups
(Room 4) Ms Singer
Timestables Rockstars Clubs
(Room 28) Mr Raagi
First note (Room 5- all years) 
Mr Jones

Tae Kwon Do (from 6pm - External club - Dance Studio)
Food tech catch up (Year 9 and 10)
Ms Cable


Mixed Football - All Years (Astro)
Ms Giles
Indoor Rounders - All Years
(Sports Hall)Ms Foskett
MFL Homework Club KS4 (Room 35)
Mrs Dawson
Northwood Dance Club for Years 7-9 (Dance Studio) Ms O’Hara
Mooting/Debating Club (Room 44)
Timestables Rockstars Club 
(Room 28) Mr Raagi
Portuguese Club (Room 34) Ms Barbosa

Rounders -  All Years (Astro)
Ms Giles
Science Club - Year 7 & 8
(Room 21) Miss Lewell
Shakespeare Schools Festival rehearsal until 4pm in room 2/3  - Ms O’Hara
Food tech catch up (Year 9 & 10)
Ms Cable
Maths Homework Club - All Years (Room TBC)
Acoustic group (Room 5 - grade 3 and above) Mr Jones
BBC News Report Team - KS3 (Room4) Mr Clark


Mixed Football - All Years (Astro)
Ms Foskett
Indoor Cricket - All Years
(Sports Hall) Mr Hunte
Drama Club for Years 7-9 
(Room 2- stage) Ms O’Hara
Stonewall Champions [Week 2] (Room 45) Ms Wilkins, Ms Hamblyn
Timestables Rockstars Club
(Room 28) Mr Raagi
Textiles Catch-up Club - Years 7, 8 & 9 (Room 10)

Boys Cricket - All Years (Astro)
Mr Hunte
Maths Homework Club - All Years (Room 11)
Tae Kwon Do (from 6pm - External club - Dance Studio)
Art catch up - Year 10 (Room 53)
Ms Conway
Food Club - Year 7 & 8 - Limited to 15 places (Room 10)
Business/Travel catch up
(Room 29) Ms Patel
Language Excellence & H/W Club
- Years 8-10 (Room 34) Ms Dawson


Mixed Football - All Years (Astro)
Mr Beer
Mixed Basketball - All Years
(Sports Hall) Ms Giles
Northwood Debate Society (Room 43 - Week 2 only) Mr Abrahams
Timestables Rockstars Club 
(Room 28)Mr Raagi
Business - Leaders for Learning -
(Room 29) Ms Patel

Art Club - KS3 only (Room 53)
Ms Conway
Business/Travel catch up
(Room 29) Ms Patel
Drama - Year 11 GCSE intervention/ rehearsal time until 5pm (Dance Studio/hall) Ms O’Hara
Engineering Club (only selected students) Year 9/10
DT Catch up Year 10's only
(Room 7)


Mixed Football - All Years (Astro)
Mr Hunte
Indoor Cricket Nets - All Years (Sports Hall) Ms Foskett
Timetables Rockstars Club
(Room 28)  Mr Raagi
Chamber group (Room 5 - String players) Mr Jones
Language Leaders (Room 34)
Ms Barbosa

Mixed Gymnastics - All Years (Sports Hall) Ms Foskett
Coding Club (Room 27) Mr Lilley
Interact Club - All year groups (Room 44) Ms Perry
Northwood Dance Academy- Dance Studio. (External provider)
Ballet Technique 5.15pm-6.10pm. (External provider)
Modern Dance 6.20pm-7.10pm  (External provider)
Contemporary 7.10pm 
(External provider)
Warhammer Club - Age of Sigmar  3.00pm-5.00pm (Room 48) Mr Till