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Pupil Premium & Catch-up premium

All schools receive additional income called the Pupil Premium.

This money is allocated by the Government to help schools support children from low income families and children in care. The amount of additional funding schools receive is based on the number of children who are entitled to receive free school meals (FSM)* or are looked after children (CLA). (* since September 2012 this includes children who have received free school meals any time over the past six years).  Nationally, FSM pupils and looked after children achieve less compared to other students.  Pupil Premium money has been given to help schools narrow the gap.

How much do we receive?

2017- 2018 pupil premium funding

Total £160,820

2016-2017 Financial year

£ 132,770

How we have spent the money?

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Impact on spending the last 3 years

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Year 7 Literacy and numeracy catch-up: 2016–2017

The Year 7 Catch Up Premium is additional funding provided to schools for pupils in year 7 who did not achieve a Level 4 in either English (reading) or maths. The purpose is to provide additional support to ensure that the pupils “catch up” on the progress that they should have made in primary school.

Details of how 2016–2017 catch up premium was spent

Allocation =  £14177

  • Small group tuition for over teaching in English
  • Small group tuition in maths
  • Additional teaching set in Year 7 maths
  • Additional LSA employed to support in English and maths
  • Summer School
  • Additional resources - e.g subscription to Times Tables Rockstars; Hegarty maths

Details of how it made a difference to the attainment of pupils who attract the funding

During 2016 –2017, pupils who were entitled to the Year 7 Catch Up Premium as they did not achieve expected standard in English and / or maths.

  • 46 students did not achieve the expected levels in maths
  • 57 students did not achieve the expected level in English
  • 27 students did not achieve the expected level in both English or maths

The table below summaries the progress that has been made by the pupils:




Greater than expected progress Expected
Below expected progress

Greater than expected progress


Below expected progress



61% (28/46 students)

28% (13/46 students)

11% (5/46 students)


74% (42/57 students)

21% (12/57 students)

5% (3/57 students)