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Warhammer Trip

On a cold and wet Saturday morning on January 27th, an intrepid group of generals from Northwood School gathered with their Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies at the Uxbridge Games Workshop store to compete for a place in the Schools League semi-finals. There were generals representing a range of armies, including Tyler - Leader of the Undead Horde, Oliver -  Commander of the Khorne Legions, Alex – Spirit Lord of the Woodland Realms, Jonathan - Brutal Ruler of the Frost Lords, Jake the Dragon King, Oliver - Elder of the Seraphon Knights, Kye - Noble Lord of the Empire and Allan - Commander of the Chaos Mages. All came prepared for battle with tape measure, army scrolls and dice in hand.  

The day was run by the store manager, and Ruler of the Realm, Lee, who oversaw three rounds of battles over the day where armies fiercely fought over the battlefields for control of the realm. The battles were closely fought with two sets of generals competing for the title of champions and after the first round of battles the armies of the dragon king held sway and the land smoked from the fiery wake of his dragon. In the second round of battles, however, the dragon lord found his armies besieged by legions of forest spirits and they came with the legions of the frost lords bathed in ice, which soon cooled the smouldering fires left by the dragons passing and led the dragon lord’s armies being pushed back. By the end of the second round of battles the result was wide open with both sides on equal points! Finally, after a quick refreshment break where generals muttered about dastardly ploys of their opponents and the fate of poor dice rolls the general moved towards the final battles - these would determine the fate of the realm... The battles commenced, and the first blood went to the dragon lord, as one of his allies cleared a realm of battle, then the forces of the woodland realms claimed a victory - the result was still tied…Then a great cry of anguish went up as the dragon lord summoned all his might and cast forth the dice that changed the tide of the war. The Chaos Demons of Khorne, who had previously swept all aside had been stopped in their tracks and defeated, but at a great cost, the dragon severely wounded retreated back to the empire realms to find safety to recover for the battles that lay ahead. The final battle would determine the result and all hinged on the fate of the frost lords and Chaos armies. Chaos prevailed through dastardly tactics of fighting from a distance with magic fire which left the battle once again on a tie.  

The result was decided in the end by awards for most honourable general, best army theme and the tools of war scores. It came to pass that the armies of the dragon lord had prevailed so Jake, Tyler, Oliver and Kye celebrated honourably and claimed their prizes. Best general went to the Dragon Lord Jake, best themed army went to Oliver and his Khorne legion and most honourable mention went to Kye and Alex.  

Overall a wonderful day and the generals are looking forward to taking up their banners again for the School in the Age of Sigmar semi-final held at Warhammer World in Nottingham. 

Mr Till