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Time Capsule

To commemorate the demolition of the old building, and the opening of the new one Luke, Damien and I have spent the last year putting together a time capsule. We collected donations, and put in items that represent us, our time, and past generations. We tried to find ideas from a range of people.

 Some of the contents include:

  • A mobile phone with keys
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • A School tie and badge
  • A lanyard
  • Informs and Shout – Out magazines
  • Letters to the future
  • An old £5 note and £1 coin 

The plan is to dig it up in 50 years time.  We chose the placement carefully: not too dry, not too wet, not too accessible, but easy to dig up. The capsule itself was handmade by us, and is watertight (we tested it by filling it with water, which would have been a problem if it wasn't) and has lists of the contents etched into the lid and base.
Thomas O’Hare -Year 10 

Luke, Thomas & Damien - Year 10