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Steve Backshall Visits Northwood School


On the last day of term, students in Year 7 and 8 were treated to a wonderful surprise visit by the adventurer, explorer and conservationist, Steve Backshall. Steve delivered an inspiring and passionate talk on how his curiosity about the environment was aroused at a very early age. Standing at the bottom of a mountain as a child he pondered how it would look to be standing at the top. He spoke about his favourite animals and about several of his dangerous encounters - one of the most frightening being a confrontation with a hippopotamus - which he said was more perilous than his brush with snakes. One of his key messages to the students was the need to conserve the planet for future generations.  He urged students to get involved with projects for endangered species and with the environment. 

Steve was an absolutely awe-inspiring speaker. What a superhero - taking the time to shake hands with every student. One of the students even proclaimed “I won’t wash my hand ever again”! 

Below is a photo of Steve meeting the “Tiger Wars” project winners.  Steve writes his books whilst travelling around the world to dangerous terrains and exotic locations.

Mrs Underwood (Librarian) said “Steve’s visit was the culmination of a lot of work completed by students and staff, based on his Tiger Wars book. It was an honour to have Steve here. We feel very privileged that he spared us his time to see the all the completed work at first hand.  The excitement his visit created was fantastic to witness and a credit to Steve.”