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Hillingdon Cultural Festival YA SHOT


On Wednesday 18th October, some of our students visited the Hillingdon Cultural Festival YA SHOT event at the Uxbridge Civic Centre where they met with several different authors and discussed their books with them and how they put pen to paper.  

Year 7 students met Peter Bunzi the author of The Mechanical Magical Cogheart, who spoke about how he had taken inspiration from animations and characters from films he had seen as a child.  His main character in his book is called Alice and she attends deportment classes. So to demonstrate the type of activity Alice would take part in he had students parading through the hall, balancing books, followed by
                                                                                            dressing students up as robots.  Great fun! 

Our Year 10 students met with authors Lauren James who wrote The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, Lucy Saxton who wrote the Tell Us series of fantasy novels and Lisa Williamson whose award winning novel is called All About Mia.  All three authors were there to talk about breaking new boundaries with characters in children’s teen fiction. They reflected on how main children’s characters in books were very stereotypical.  They have introduced diversity around their characters, to raise awareness that everyone is different, bringing children's fiction bang up to date. 

Our students also met with author, Hayley Long who wrote The Nearest  Faraway  Place and author, Alice Oseman who wrote Solitaire which was published when she was 19.  Both of these are exceptional writers  of real world contemporary novels and they talked about how life can  throw some curve balls at you as a teenager, this may be grief or loneliness.


Students with Laura James and Alice Oseman