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Halloween Horror in the Library!

In the run up to Halloween, Haleema and I helped the librarians to design a frightening Halloween display. We made some spider webs and skeletons to add to the scary pictures, posters and cobwebs which were hanging around the entrance to the library.  We also printed some zombies and some footprints that we put on the floor. 

The librarians had a black “Box of Horrors” on their desk.  This box had horror books in it, covered in black paper so that students did not know which book they were choosing to read. Students entering the library could pick out a book from the box. The box was full of books but by the end of lunchtime all of the books had been borrowed. 

It was really good fun to help the librarians to make the display. The students coming into the library also enjoyed looking at the scary Halloween things and borrowing books from the black box.   

Muzhda – Year 7